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~ The Journal ~

Letters from Em


Writing and journaling always have been a huge passion of mine and such a tremendous part of my healing process. If writing has been calling on to you, I highly recommend you start pouring your soul and heart out on paper. There are so many benefits of journaling daily; reduces stress and anxiety, helps sleep better, improves communication skills and memory, helps finding new perspectives and keeping track of our accomplishments and progress, provides an opportunity for positive self-talk and aids identifying negative thoughts and behaviours.  

I hope you enjoy reading my creative and personal pieces, as much as I enjoyed writing them. 

The 5 Principles of Reiki

When you start your journey with Reiki, the first thing they teach you are the Principles.  The philosophy of Reiki is rooted in five principles that



When the amazingly talented @dreaea was designing my website, we came across the challenge of creating a logo for my business. Logos are pretty important when you


What do you need right now?

Give yourself enough room to expand. Give yourself enough compassion to grow.Give yourself enough rest to recharge. Give yourself enough love to hold space. Give yourself enough


July 1st, 2021.

Today might be July 1st, but like any other day of the past few weeks, I reflect upon what has happened here. It would be



21.05.21 ~ May 21st. ~ The most important date in my calendar. Every year. Every year for the past 5 years. Through the years, this



In-vested > vested meaning “fully and unconditionally guaranteed” I was so tired of saying I want to be my own boss, I want to have


How do you live your life?

“You’re too sensitive, just build yourself a shell.”“You’re too nice with people, just stop being naive and innocent, and getting easily attached like this.”“You’re too


EM. The Rebirth.

Hi!  I’m Em! Have we met?  I sure hope we did! But if we didn’t yet,  Let me introduce myself! Once upon a time,  I


Reiki on the laundry room floor

I’m in my laundry room, in my basement. There is calm. There is also a glimmer of mysterious and intriguing excitement. The anxious anticipation of what’s to come next.



Em’s Love Letter

Monthly Newsletter

Be kept in the loop about my new offerings, my Reiki Practice, Affirmation and Meditation videos on my YouTube channel, upcoming deals and promotions, essential oils and holistic practices, doTERRA and BeachBody partnerships and memberships, collaborations and so much more!


~ The Share ~

[EM]power your Healing

Interviews & Articles 

Now more than ever we need to reclaim our self-healing powers. Being the leader of ourselves and of our health has never been more necessary. It can be your mental health, your physical health, your emotional health, your spriritual health or your financial health, you can find alternatives to empower yourself in becoming a mighty warrior of your own health and wealth.   

I’m learning more and more about other wellness and holistic services offered around the globe, and I decided to share my personal experiences with these alternative medicines through articles and interviews.

Connect deeply with yourself and discover more about your beautiful being through new practices and learn about practitioners who help and support people on their healing journey! 

Delphine & Sound Healing

When you enter the world of frequency medicine and shamanism  Sound bowls, crystals, sage, feathers, and oracle cards, that’s what welcomes you into Dr.Delphine’s magical

Read More »

Jen & Generational Healing

As you heal yourself from generational trauma, you heal your entire lineage.    World travels, motherhood and her own healing journey have been major influences in

Read More »

Jaime & Human Design

Looking to get to know yourself better? Curious to try something new? How about Human Design!  Part teacher, part entrepreneur, full heart-centered being, a manifesting-generator

Read More »

Mel & Holistic Synergy

The alchemy of dance, crystals and Reiki – Melissa Lee is exploring the symbiosis of these 3 tools, creating holistic synergy through her business!  Combining

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My favourite essential oils

From lemon, lavender, Forgive, Serenity, copaiba to OnGuard, Motivate, siberian fir, and Easy Air, I never play favourites with my oils …. BUT to be

Read More »

Food & Chakras

What to Eat According to Your Chakras How eating the proper foods according to your energy centers can transform your life Chakras need a good

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Tap It Away

Let’s tap, let’s tap away! Tapping 101. It’s like acupuncture, but without needles, because who likes needles anyway. Formulated in the ’90s, this alternative practice

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# go vegan

Easy & Simple Steps to Transition Towards a Plant-Based Lifestyle!   Having a plant-based lifestyle is very trendy right now. What is the actual big

Read More »

Reiki for Dexter

Dexter is getting Reiki My little cat has been feeling under the weather for the past few months. Countless calls and visits to vet clinics,

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the city


 I had the honor and privilege to be interviewed for The City, the digital magazine by University Concordia journalists.


Through creative, experimental, multi-media storytelling, The City keeps its finger on the pulse of the metropolis of Montreal. Their focus is on the untold, hidden stories of the city. The City is produced by upper-year students in Concordia University’s Department of Journalism. Their reporting aims to be as balanced, fair and professional as possible.


beyond the meds

When 'Healing your mental health goes beyond medication'

Reiki: an alternative way to heal

Learning about alternatives

~ The Audios ~

That Does Not Belong To Me


 I had the honor and privilege to be interviewed for the That Does Not Belong To Me podcast, hosted by the lovely Jaime Moar.


That Does Not Belong To Me is a podcast about human design, stepping out of your comfort zone, attempting to live in alignment, AND letting go of what does NOT belong to you. In this podcast, you will hear from real-life people who are navigating their paths with the help of human design. I interview guests from all walks of life who are each creating magic in their own way. So, get ready to live, love and laugh. There will definitely be lots of laughter.


We are all Energy


WE ARE ALL ENERGY PODCAST is a platform where you get to hear people’s inspiring life stories and how everything is just simply, always connected. These are unedited, raw, authentic, and magical episodes… It’s as real as it gets!



~ The Videos ~

Saying My I AM’s with Em!

Affirmation Series

SAYING MY I AM’S WITH EM is a series of affirmation recordings which aims to help us be more aware of the words we use on a daily basis and to help us include more positive affirmations in our daily life. Affirmations encourage compassion, love, respect and confidence in ourselves and promote positive vibes throughout the day.

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Zen with EM

Meditation Series

ZEN WITH EM is a meditation series that can help you find clarity of mind, stillness of the body, peace of the heart, and connection wtih your inner self. Meditation aids us in increasing awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. We can learn to observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment, and let go of our incessant need to constantly want to control them.

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And so much more

From meditations to affirmations, to movement and oil classes, to tapping practices and daily rituals, there is definitely a little something for you in our series! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and get access to our latest inspirational, educational and motivational videos.

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