EM. The Rebirth.

I’m Em!
Have we met? 
I sure hope we did!
But if we didn’t yet, 
Let me introduce myself!

Once upon a time, 
I felt like my life wasn’t my own
Oh yes, this story will rhyme 
As I tell how my little box, I came to outgrown 

It all began when I decided to go into BeachBody coaching 
And, with curiosity and apprehension, I followed my passion into acting
With new found confidence and self-respect
On my existence, I started to reflect  

Then. Unbearable grief.
Death stole her from me in the night, like a thief 
Feeling like I was left with nothing  
I nuclear-bombed everything 

With my highschool boyfriend, I went through a divorce
Although it might have felt like death couldn’t have been worse
Every morning, I found ways to get up by force
Then I realized that to my book of life, I was simply adding another verse

I had to embrace my darkness to find my true light
I turned the night into my kingdom
Pretending most of the time that I was alright 
Learning how to deal with this new freedom 

My comfort zone became the nightlife
I was living like rockstars;
Drinking in bars
Dancing in clubs 
Managing pubs

For a moment I felt more alive than ever
But as things followed their course
After a few years, I was starting to hit rock bottom however
So, I very slowly started my way back to Source

All on Divine timing
On a sunny Friday morning 
I met my partner in shine,
All the rest as well, started to align

It was time for me to come home to myself
As fate would have it, oils and doTerra came to save the day!
Going through so much healing of the self,
I decided to be of service and help others on their way

And here we are today! 
Going through a powerful and meaningful rebirth
Finally accepting my hyper sensitivity as my superpower
Surrounding myself with amazing beautiful like-minded souls 

Trying to create my best life everyday 
Bringing new dreams and projects forth
Growing and blooming wherever I want, like a wildflower
Now, an attitude of gratitude and miracle mornings are my daily goals 

Welcome to my world! Where space is held 
Compassion and love runs wild and free
Where acceptance and respect are upheld
And healing is as beautiful as a turquoise sea

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