Delphine & Sound Healing

When you enter the world of frequency medicine and shamanism 

Sound bowls, crystals, sage, feathers, and oracle cards, that’s what welcomes you into Dr.Delphine’s magical healing home. She practices sound healing, Reiki and shamanism. She blends spirituality to science, creating a very special holistic healing approach. She mixes different types of modalities with the utmost respect, to offer an effective and long-lasting healing.  

Certified YTT200, certified Reiki Grandmaster Teacher, Past Life Regression Therapist, owner of Rhino Souls, Dr.Delphine is not only a dentist, but she is the definition of medicine woman. She embodies compassion, patience, and light, and has for mission to help, learn, heal, and evolve.

Who are you, beautiful soul?

The name given at birth is Delphine Suyoung Jeong. Delphine is associated with the Oracle of Delphi and the spirit of dolphins. Suyoung translates to “meditation by clear water.” The reason why I share this is, as the journey of my soul expands, I now recognize how important it is to understand your birth names and find the alignment with the meaning as your birth names hold so much wisdom and knowledge about you, as in YOU, who you truly are deep in your soul, and what kind of energy/mission/purpose you are carrying deep in your quantum DNA! So I carry a lot of connection and wisdom of the oracles and water. 

In this current lifetime, I was born in France to parents from South Korea who carried lineages of trauma and were hoping to create a better life for themselves by pursuing higher education in France. To be frank, I was a total accident. My parents were students with no money, they had no intention of birthing another life into this world. It wasn’t a conception based on love. It was one of those patriarchal, forced- do as I say so- type of sex without love, in which it resulted in the most difficult and painful unconscious and generational traumas for me to overcome. (Your core energetic essence is infinite and all of these memories are deeply buried in your sub/unconscious field controlling your life until they are discovered!) Not to mention if they were to have another child, it had to be a boy according to the Asian cultural expectations. In essence, I was not wanted and I didn’t deserve to live. This here is the matra, or the sub/unconscious programming I had been running on since birth.

My family moved to South Korea where I lived from age 7 to 18. Traumatic events continued in my life while we were in Korea. From the culture shock, bullying, physical & sexual abuse from those who were supposed to love me not hurt me. As a young girl I was so desperate to find freedom for myself, and I was determined to leave South Korea as soon as I could. That desperation and strong desire lead me to the US where I received my undergraduate and doctorate education. 8 years in the US and somehow I know this wasn’t it so I decided to come to Canada alone in 2015. I didn’t even know why I was choosing Canada at that time, but looking back now, I know it was my past life memories and karma of my indigenous roots that brought me back here, and I was to find my way back to Source by reclaiming the fragmented parts of my soul through ancient medicine (spiritual/energy/vibrational healing) on this land. 

What is Rhino Souls?

Rhino Souls: learn, heal, evolve. 
LEARN about the deepest and sacred parts of yourself and the Universe through the teachings of ancient medicine. 
HEAL your past and transcend your karma so you can shine your light.
EVOLVE as a human being and bring more love and harmony into this world. 

Why Rhino? Rhinoereos is my birth spirit animal. One day during a breathwork ceremony, out of the blue this animal that I didn’t necessarily connected with previously channeled through me and boom, that was it! 

Rhino Souls’ ultimate goal is to re-connect you with your most pure, authentic, powerful and divine self so you can live in expanded states of awareness and peace. This is done using diversified ancient healing teachings and techniques that originated even 30,000 years ago, such as shamanism, plant medicine, energy medicine, crystals and sound healing. 

What are the different disciplines that you practice?

The basic principles of my practices are deeply rooted in Shamanism and Reiki. My offerings are a fusion of different modalities such as Reiki, sounds, crystals, yoga, meditation, visualization, past life regression therapies, shamanic healing practices. I also come from a scientific background as a dentist, so I apply the scientific knowledge as well. I find there is so much power in the synergy of these modalities as we are truly multidimensional. A holistic healing approach requires many types of modalities for the healing to be effective and long-lasting.

What is sound healing?

Sound therapy focuses on the vibration of the sound and its impact on our physical and emotional state of being. Scientific research has shown that on a microscopic level our cells are vibrating and creating sound waves. By matching the resonance of the sound to the resonance of cells in our body, the energy blocks dissolve and the energy starts to flow in sync with your natural rhythm, bringing you to you balance. Sound also acts as a vehicle (like a car) for your consciousness to travel between dimensions and timelines. So it is very effective in accessing different parts of your subconscious and unconscious mind for deprogramming and reprogramming of the mind, bringing profound and effective healing.

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is found in most ancient/native cultures around the world. A Shaman is like the village doctor in the olden days. Each region has slightly different practices but the principles are the same- connecting the heart of humanity to the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Cosmos beyond, and living in harmony as one with nature. All of the medicines you need are found within nature as we are nature beings. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and connecting with the nature elements and the spiritual realms allow us to expand our consciousness beyond the physical realm and bring holistic healing and integration as spiritual beings – integrating your spirit with your physical body, the vehicle for your spirit/soul.

How and why did you get into these different practices?

5 years ago I would have never thought I would be doing what I am doing now, but it was fate and destiny as it was all written in the stars (literally!) You could escape from anything in life, but you can’t escape yourself. Due to the past life traumas and traumas mentioned above, I had been running away from myself for decades. I didn’t like who I was, (in fact, I hated myself) and I didn’t want to be here. When I hit rock bottom of my soul’s journey suffering from severe depression for 3 years in my late 20s, by total synchronicity of the Universe I met this old man that changed my life completely. A master healer, indeed a modern day shaman. Back then I was still adhering to the beliefs in scientific education and I knew nothing about shamanism or energy medicine. 

Meeting him marked the beginning of this long road of self-discovery, healing and awakening journey. I followed my intuition every step of the way, and tried different modalities that felt natural to me- shamanism, sound healing, reiki, crystals, homeopathy etc. Needless to say, I was blown away by the power of these ancient medicines that transformed my life, yet never discussed in the scientific community or even ridiculed! When in fact this level of healing would have been impossible through modern medicine. So I decided to study and learn it for myself what this is all about out of curiosity, and that curiosity soon turned into my passion and soul’s mission as a lightworker. 

Who do you serve? How do you help?

I serve those who are seeking a level of healing and self-discovery beyond the ordinary, those who wish to take their spiritual journey to the next level. I am still trying to find my niche, and at the moment many of my clients are either medical professionals or those with great trauma in the past. My own experiences of overcoming traumas and the medical background have prepared me well to serve in a profound and purposeful way. I serve through my heart, and by being a pure channeler of divine love. I see the highest of my clients, and guide them to understand the multifaceted nature of reality and by allowing the spirit realm to channel through me to offer the medicine the client needs the most. 

What does a session with you look like usually?

Typically we begin with a talk therapy. Talking is giving a voice to your mind and by listening to my clients describe their situations or challenges I can catch important clues such as the mental pattern, emotional charges, and what is blocking them in life. From there the rest of the session is lead intuitively. Reading and feeling the energy and applying the appropriate techniques- crystals, sounds (sound bowls, drums, rattle etc), Reiki etc. in order to bring the most benefits for my clients.

According to you, how important is spirituality? Why? 

Spirituality is just as important for me as the physical realm. They go hand in hand, and one cannot exist without the other. Two sides of the coin. Denying spirituality is no different than denying that I exist in a human body. I clearly exist in a human body, and my human body will not exist if there was no spirit in it. 

How would you explain spirituality to someone?

Spirituality.. This word is very triggering for many of us. And I can understand as I have been there myself due to the religious organizations that are driven by ego and material gain and disempower the human race as a whole claiming that you can only reach God through the religion and by paying money!! (haha crazy eh?)

The origin of the word spirit is the latin word spiritus which means breath. We breathe. Without our breath, our physical body will cease to exist. All of the plants and animals on Earth breathe. Human beings inhale/exhale about 20,000 per day. Behind this action of breathing, there is this invisible energy that is facilitating that, correct? Now let’s talk about the DNA. Researches have shown the genetic similarity between a human being and a banana is 60%; that of a cat is 90%. Let alone between humans, our DNAs are nearly the same! 

My definition of spirituality is recognizing that invisible energy that animate all life, and that powerful invisible thread that connects all of us. When we tap into our heart and start to see/feel the energy, we can understand that all is one and one is all. And we can understand that we are not separate entities, yet one consciousness having individuated experiences for a greater good! 

Do you think it is possible to relate sound healing to spirituality? 

Absolutely. One challenge to overcome as a collective is that spirituality is optional. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We aren’t just a robotic human being that came to life for no apparent reason, chase after money, and eventually die. Within all of us is the deep longing for that meaningful spiritual understanding and connection, and the modern way of life that values the material wealth and the religious organizations that are driven by ego and material gain made us forget why we are here as species. 

Sound therapy connects us to the deepest and truest parts of ourselves. When the energies become unstuck through the vibration of sounds, the illusion of this ego-driven reality starts to dissolve. When the illusion dissolves then we begin to see/feel the power of the reality beyond the visible/physical realm. 

So yes, sounds connect you to something much greater than you, hence spirituality. 

What are the benefits of your different practices?

Energy is everything. Many of the common physical illnesses have an energetic root cause. Illnesses start in the quantum energy field when there is great energetic blockages/imbalances due to unprocessed thougths/emotions, and land in the body when the energy is chronically blocked. Working with Reiki, Shamanism, crystals, and sounds work on the energetic layers, the most fundamental layers of our body and our existence.

Benefits range from relaxation, reduction of stress level, increased mental clarity and awareness, emotional balance, improved sleep, trauma healing, reduction of chronic pain, spiritual experiences and so much more!

What is your favorite thing about your different practices? 

Witnessing my clients’ expansion as a soul. Nothing makes me happier and fulfilled than seeing my clients shed layers of illusion and begin to rise in their truth and feel empowered.

Why do you like what you do so much? 

Each one of us is born with specific gifts and talents that are to be used to fulfill a collective mission. In order for us to live happily and fulfilled, it is imperative to connect with our gifts and make use of them. 

I love what I do so much because I feel most authentic and empowered when I am doing energetic/spiritual work. It is what I have been doing for many lifetimes, and it is what I am here to do in this lifetime as well.

I love what I do because I get to serve, serve others and witness the transformation that happens in my clients and the ripple effect from that. We are all walking home together, right!?

Do you personally have a coach or a mentor or a guide right now?

Yes! I have great mentors and teachers in different fields that I continue to learn from along the journey, and honestly everyone is my teacher- my clients, my friends and family (whoa family members especially!! They are the ones that teach you the hard lessons in life) Oh and Youtube!! (haha but for reals)

How are you present in the spiritual/healing community?

I am involved in the scientific dental community and have been slowly introducing these concepts about spirituality and energy work. Now I am starting to connect with beautiful practitioners like you, and I would love to connect more with the spiritual community!


What do you think the spiritual community needs the most?

Cohesiveness and collaboration. Our power and influence are so much bigger when we join forces. A true loving and supportive spiritual community that can have a massive positive impact on our surroundings. ! For so long we’ve been hiding. We are no longer living in the old days and the new age is here. It is now safe for us to be shown and speak up together! 


How have you grown recently? What is your recent growth or AHA moment you had? It can relate to your business, health, relationship or anything.

Ahhh honestly these past few months have been full of these AHA moments (which is awesome!)

Spring of 2021, I went up north to Nunavut to provide dental care to the local Inuit communities. The quality of food and water provided in the community is terrible unfortunately… (this is where I also question the political agenda of the government. Extract resources, occupy the land, and provide extremely poor quality food and toxic water) and so I survived on canned food, frozen pizzas and frozen burgers, and drinking melted snow. Now this is a type of food I used to see as toxic and never put in my body.

I used to think that eating meat and processed food would prevent me from connecting to Source. I thought if I eat bad food, than I might be a hypocrite as a lightworker and a spiritual leader. But I realized that the deepest connection with your heart, your spirit, the nature and the Divine cannot be destroyed by external factors. (I’m not denying that these unhealthy foods harm our body in the long run, however! )

Back in Montreal if I have one bite of a frozen pizza for example, I would feel so sick to my stomach. And I thought in order to be on the spiritual path you needed to eat all of the organic labeled plant-based food and all of the good supplements. But you know what? When you are on survival mode in the Arctic, everything tastes good, you feel grateful for ANYTHING you can put in your body, and you feel good eating even frozen pizzas and canned food and my connection with Source was not affected one bit. In fact it was strengthened knowing that all is within…

I realized the most important thing is your mindset and where your heart is. Whatever you eat, if you believe that this is medicine and consume with gratitude, your cells and your body react in that way. If you believe that it is toxic and will make you sick, you will get sick.

Placebo vs. Nocebo. All is in the mind and the way you perceive the world. 

What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about the HEART!! 
I am passionate about authenticity
I am passionate about the ocean


What are your favorite quotes? 

  1. The nature of reality is that it is subjective  – Shamanism
  2. If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration – nikola tesla 
What are your main goals and dreams about your career in this field?

The ultimate goal/dream of this lightworker is simple; anchor the vibration of love in everything that I do and spread more love and joy! My biggest dream is to bring back the Lemurian Healing Temple on the island of Hawaii! 


How do you see yourself if five years? 

Living by the ocean, being of service in my humble sound temple and sharing the medicine with my community, and creating a loving support within the community. Spreading more love, joy and authenticity!


Any words of advice you would like to share with us? 

Trust your intuition and your inner guidance no matter how much it deviates from the norm. The Spirit will always take you on the right path. 

Feel free to share with us any upcoming events, workshops, etc. 
  • Full Moon, New Moon Ceremonies of Sounds for Medical Professionals (TBD in MTL)
  • Chakras & Crystals for Healthcare Professionals (TBD Online)
  • Sound/Reiki offering at Retreat for Women in Healthcare (Texas, June 2021)
  • Sound/Reiki offering at Dental Mission Trip (Dominican Republic, October 2021)

I am also open for collaborations, feel free to reach out to me! 


My experience with Delphine 

Transcendental. Nothing less.
I’ve been extremely grateful to have been so blessed in meeting like minded souls over the past few years. I’m manifesting my soul family and working in this field has allowed me to encounter so many of my sisters aand brothers. I met beautiful Delphine through a mutual friend, in what most have been one of my darker years. 
I was lost in the parties and the booze, the dramas and the sleepless nights, and this angel came along. We lost touch for a few minutes there, due to life’s divine fluctuations. But when we reconnected, what a powerful moment that was. 
I was in desperate need of a dentist and I somehow stumbled upon Delphine’s Instagram. I immidietaly reached out to her and it was as if no time had gone by since the last time we spoke. Two sisters finding their way home to each other.
Since then Delphine and I are in conctant contact and I got to be curious about her area of expertise; sound healing and shamanism. So I obviously booked a session with her to experience her magical light. 
What an experience it was! Healers need healing sessions too and that session was definitely mind blowing! A cosmic travel through time and space, shivers through the body has Delphine hits different frequencies, flashes of images and visions, intence peace for the soul. 
During these kinds of sessions, where you get to find calm and peace, where your ego steps aside for a moment, where you can feel love and light enter you, where your heart, body, mind, and soul seem to finally connect and realx, you get to finally hear your own voice, find answers from within and make new important realizations. Treatments like these ones, done by such a lovely being like Delphine, are just a true massage for the soul. 



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