Understanding your power.

When I heard that quote for the first time, I had no clue what it meant.
I didn’t understand it. I didn’t get it.

I had been jealous of those who seemed to understand it.
I had been jealous of those who not only understood it, but also stepped in their power.
I had been envious of those who not only knew about their power, but actually owned up to it, stood in it, trusted in it, believed in it, lived by it.

So I decided to try to understand this quote for myself. Reflected on it. Journaled about it. Meditated on it. And I came up with an image that works for me – for now.

Sometimes I feel as if my power is like this humongous iceberg that I just discovered in the middle of the ocean. I say “just discovered” because I was cut off from it for so long; playing small, dimming my light, shoving down my feelings.

There are moments when I can see the tiny tip of the iceberg, yet I know there’s a huge magical part that’s still hidden under dark waters, and I get to uncover it more and more every single day, and I’m so excited about this! And then, there are moments when I can’t even see the damn iceberg through the fog, and next thing you know everything goes all Titanic on me (minus Jack.)

But when I take the time to reconnect, to recenter, to refocus, I can feel my power. I can see my power. These are the days when I see this huge ass iceberg in all its entity.

Magnificently unique.

I see it. I feel it. I’m in it. I own it.
I am it.

My powerful presence. My unique light . My authentic self.

And when I’m in my power, when I
unapologetically own who I am and what I am, then,
and only then, does magic happen.

When I understand my power,
I am in alignment
I listen to my intuition
I trust my instincts
I respect and stand up for myself
I am grounded
I am sure
I am confident
I invest in myself
I take care of my health
I shine

When I root myself in my power,
My day is different
My energy is different

And then I simply understand,
I move different when I acknowledge and recognize my power, when I embrace all that is me.

Understanding your power helps others understand theirs, so we can move different together.