As your Coach, I would love to work with you to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. If you would like to connect or have any questions, please reach out — I’m here to help. You can CONTACT me at anytime, and it will be my pleasure to be of service. 

My fitness journey

Everything started in 2013. I had been married for about 6 months and I had lost a few pounds due to the stress of the wedding and the happiness of being a newlywed. 

At my heaviest, I weighed 180 pounds. I had always suffered from body dysmorphia, weight issues, body image issues, but most importantly, severe health issues. 

I would often go to the doctors, who would only recommend me pills over pills over pills. Once, I even had a doctor called me “chubby” and said that I was entering the “obese weight range” on the scale. I was definitely not at a healthy weight. I’m only 5’4 and being 180 pounds was starting to really affect my health. I had so many health issues, from stomach aches, to respiratory issues, to internal pains and severe constipation. 

When I got married in 2012, 2 years after being at my heaviest, I managed to lose about 30 pounds. I was starting to feel like myself again. I felt stronger, more confident, and I was starting to fall in love with myself for the first time ever. 

At the beginning of 2013, I met this awesome girl who introduced me to BeachBody (BB), now called BODi. I started working out and drinking shakeology daily. I was in love with BB! Not too long after that, I decided to go vegan. It had always been in the back of my mind for multiple reasons, but going vegan really was the thing that propulsed me to the healthiest I had ever been. I would wake up early to workout with Shaun-T. I would eat healthy vegan meals. I would drink my vegan chocolate Shakeology on a daily basis. I would always wear workout clothes so I can move my body every single day, whenever, wherever. 

By june 2013, I had lost another 20 pounds. I was gaining self-love, self-care, self-respect and self- confidence. All of this helped me to find the courage to follow one of my passions; acting! So, I gathered my strengths and let go of my fears, and  I ended up in the most amazing acting school. A completely new world was opening to me. I was feeling like I had been in this box, that I was slowly outgrowing. I was opening myself to new opportunities, to new hobbies, to new people, to new experiences and to new found joys. 


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By 2015, I had gained some weight back. It was only a few extra pounds, but it was playing hard on my mind. Weight is just a number on a scale, but old stories, limiting beliefs, social norms, woman hypersexualization, social media, etc., make it look like it’s the most important thing and that your worth depends on it. I was slowly going back to bad habits of hating my body again. I was also definitely outgrowing my life as I knew it and going through the beginning of major inner work. So much inner reflection and questioning was happening. 

That’s when I met Tony. Tony and his 22MIN HARD CORPS arrived into my life and made me feel like a bad ass again! This became my favoite workout program and trainer of all time! I was in love and felt like I could take on the world! But then 2016 hit.

Death in the family, separation, divorce, nervous breakdown, nightlife, substance abuse, alcoholism, bad life decisions, etc., led me to lose more weight but in a really unhealthy way. Two years later, I had to let go of my role as a BB coach, realizing I wasn’t in the right state of mind and couldn’t focus on helping others when I, myself, needed so much of my help, care and love first. It was a wize, but difficult decision. 

By 2019, I had lost all of my beautiful latina curves. I had lost so much weight and was now underweight at less than 110 pounds. My lifestyle was horrible. Working 24/7, going out drinking all night, falling asleep drunk, only to wake up the next day to do it all over again. Parties after parties. Bottles after bottles. I had never felt this alive, yet I was terribly sad and hurt inside. This couldn’t last much longer. And this is when I was introduced to essential oils. That changed everything. So I started to transform my life and slowly made my way home to myself. 

Since 2013, I have been working with BB on and off. BB is tattooed on my heart and was always part of my life, one way or another. Even in the darkest times of my life, I made it a point to always have a dedicated space (or room) for my workouts. I would always make sure to pack my workout clothes and gear wherever I would go. And I knew I would eventually run back to BB one day.

I went through, and am still going through, this kind of rebirth. Going back to a healthy lifestyle, adding essential oils and self-care to my daily routines, starting new workout programs, setting new goals, reaching new dreams, creating my best life.


In 2020, as the world was collapsing under a pandemic, somehow for me, everything started to slowly align. After a lot of reflection and meditation, I decided to reach out to this BB coach I had been following for years, Emilie Robidas. She had inspired me so much through all of her journey and was embodying what I really wanted in life. Freedom. Love. A supportive (business and life) partner. Courage. Vulnerability. Independence. Passion. Financial stability. Bad ass empowered boss babe. I told her I was thinking of going back to coaching eventually, but that I still needed some time to focus on myself and my fitness. She respected my decision and supported me until I was finally ready to go back as a BB coach.

My journey is still ongoing. I’m not going to lie. I still suffer from major body dysmorphia. Every day is another battle. And after changing my lifestyle, I went back to a healthier weight. Since my lightest weight, and due to quarantine, I gained back a healthy 15 pounds. Sadly, this is not how my mind always sees it. And this is where true self work begins. When you decide to take care of yourself by loving yourself first, and not punishing yourself instead. Now I workout because I want to love my body, not because I want to punish it for gaining weight or eating those fries last night. Now I want to workout on a daily basis because it helps me with my sanity, my self-confidence, my strength and my courage. 

Everyday, I’m trying to learn to let go of the number on the scale, to appreciate my body in all its glory, and to feel immense gratitude for this incredible vessel that I have.

And this is why I went back as a BB coach. I just want to be of service and help others who have been suffering and are still suffering of body dysmorphia, of nervous breakdowns, of self-loathing, of severe health issues and of substance abuse. I want to help others who are doing their very best to come back home to themselves with time, love, acceptance, kindness, respect, compassion and space. 


Join our ongoing BODi group!


Support + Community + Compassion
Join me on the great journey of empowering our body, our health, our mind and our life! This is an ongoing group, feel free to share as much or as little as you want! I'm here for you! This is a safe space for us to heal, grow and expand together on our wellness and fitness journey!

em·bod·y : be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling). "The dictionary defines “to embody” as “making visible,” and that is exactly what our bodies and movement do. We all have bodies and we are always moving, even if it is just breathing. Our movement and body makes visible all of who we are: our mood, personality, history, family, and culture." In this group, I'll share about movement, fitness, plant-based nutrition, Shakeology recipes, holistic practices and rituals, plant medicine, essential oils, energy healing and so much more! Let's EMPOWER our HEALTH, MIND, BODY & SPIRIT and EMBODY our true authentic magical self together!

What is your favorite thing about being a BODi coach? 

Being of service and helping others empower themselves on their wellness and fitness journey, the support, the community, the accountability, the daily inspirations, the discount on amazing products, the side money coming in monthly and so much more!   

What is your favorite Shakeology flavor? 

Vegan Chocolate! Always and forever! 

Who is your favorite BODi trainer?

I fell in love with Shaun-T and INSANITY. But then Tony came along with 22 MIN HARD CORPS and I was hooked! Now, I’m doing BARRE BLEND with Eloise and I think she might be stealing my heart! 

What is your favorite workout program?

As much as I love Shaun-T and INSANITY, I really was obsessed with 22 MIN HARD CORPSE! This workout program really made me feel like a bad ass. I even remember the very first time I tried it. It was in 2015, at the Montreal Summit, where I got to meet Carl Daikeler and Emilie Robidas, who will turn out to be my new coach 5 years later! 


Benefits of training with BODi!

  • Nutritious vegan Shakeology options!
  • Great supplements 
  • Healthy recipes and snack ideas 
  • Meal prep ideas 
  • Thousands of at-home workouts 
  • In the comfort of your own home 
  • Inspiring community
  • Support and accountability 
  • And so much more! 

What is BODi? 

BODi used to be called BeachBody (BB) offers a comprehensive approach to at-home health. We combine world-class fitness, nutrition and support—a proven formula that has helped millions of people completely transform their lives—physically, mentally and financially. The company was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon with the mission of helping people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives. Beachbody is the creator of some of the world’s most popular fitness programs all available on BeachBody On Demand, which transformed the in-home fitness market making it accessible for people to get results—anytime, anywhere. Beachbody has also developed comprehensive nutrition-first programs, which teach healthy eating habits and promote healthy, sustainable weight loss. Beachbody’s Super Trainers and Nutritionists have become some of the world’s most recognized names in health and wellness. The Team Beachbody network of over 400K+ Coaches provides peer support and accountability to help customers achieve and maintain real results and operates in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France, and will continue to focus on expanding internationally.

What is Shakeology?

Beachbody offers clinically-proven nutritionals that are developed by top scientists and fitness and nutrition experts. Shakeology, our delicious superfood nutrition shake, is carefully crafted with protein, antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins and more. It’s a healthy nutritional foundation that helps give your body more of what it needs to feel and perform at its best. 

What is a Team BODi Coach? 

Team Beachbody Coaches help themselves and others live healthier, more fulfilling lives. They’re passionate about helping people feel good about themselves and they inspire others to do the same. Whether you’re already a “product of the product” — someone who’s found success through one of our world-class fitness programs and/or nutritional products — or you were inspired by watching a friend or family member transform their life by doing so, becoming a Team Beachbody Coach will reward you in ways you never thought possible — physically, emotionally, and financially..

What BODi coaches do? 

  • Help people make a lifestyle change and see results by supporting them and helping them stay committed to their goals. 
  • Connect people to a fitness program and eating plan that works for them, and help them get started on the path to living a healthy life. 
  • Inspire others to become Coaches and help them succeed in doing so. 
  • Earn commissions and bonuses by introducing people to Beachbody products, while earning additional rewards from the Coaches on their team that do the same. 
  • Have fun!

What BODi coaches don’t do? 

  • Force people to buy Beachbody products. 
  • Judge people based on their fitness experience, physical ability, or lifestyle. 
  • Provide clinical health advice. 
  • Commute to an office (unless they want to). 
  • Work a 9 to 5 schedule (again, unless they want to).

Benefits of becoming a BODi coach?

Team Beachbody coaching comes with awesome perks in addition to getting to be your own boss. Running a successful Team Beachbody business takes equal parts heart and hustle, and we want you to succeed. That’s why we help keep you motivated with incredible incentives, like 25 percent off BB products. But on top of that, we offer a variety of Reward and Recognition programs and events.

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