Multiple truths can exist at once. One truth doesn’t negate the other.

“Multiple truths can exist at once. One truth doesn’t negate the other.”

I’m officially back as a BeachBody Coach! I used to be terrified of saying this aloud but being one thing doesn’t take anything away from being another thing. Especially if all these things are aligned with who you are and who you want to become.

Me helping you as your BB coach doesn’t take anything away from the need that you might have to also work with a fitness coach (and I have great ones to recommend!)
Me sharing my fitness journey and my BB love doesn’t take anything away from my love and my fitness journey with my personal trainers and coaches.

And before some of you jump out of their skin and tell me “but you’re not a certified accredited fitness coach! BB coaches are not real coaches, they can’t do this, they can’t do that!” Let me tell you… Yeah I know!
I don’t know what others can or can not do, but I know what I can do.
And what I can do is help you out with your fitness journey with BB!
I’m a BEACHBODY COACH…It stays it in the title, boo! You don’t like the term coach – good! I’m not so found of it either, but it is what it is, and it actually describes the job perfectly:
“A coach tries to help and support a client setting better goals, taking more solution oriented actions, improving their own performance, and making use of their natural strengths. A coach helps clients to learn rather than teaching them.”

💥And be ready y’all!💥
I’ll be mixing ENERGY HEALING, OILS & FITNESS for optimum and ultimate self-love and self-care practices! This is what I do!

My fitness journey hasn’t always been the most glamorous but I’ve been with BB since ’13 and it has helped me tremendously along my path.

You want support in your fitness journey? I’ve got you!
You want help on your holistic journey using natural and organic products? I’ve got you!
You need space and love to grow and expand through your self-healing journey and take care of your energetic body ? I’ve got you!

Honey. I’ve got you.