Mel & Holistic Synergy

The alchemy of dance, crystals and Reiki – Melissa Lee is exploring the symbiosis of these 3 tools, creating holistic synergy through her business! 

Combining dancing, crystal healing and Reiki, can create a holistic and energizing experience, promoting physical movement, spiritual connection, and positive energy flow.

Mel creates crystal healing jewelry & home decor with elements of nature that she infuses with Reiki. She is certified in Reiki Level 1 & 2. She started a YouTube channel several months ago with the intention of helping others through personal development but a few weeks ago she felt called to try share Reiki through ASMR videos and she’s been loving it!

What are your field(s) of expertise? 

I don’t know if I consider myself an expert in anything. I’m always learning.

What would your “Job Title” be?


What are the different disciplines that you practice?

I practice gratitude, meditation, yoga, journaling and tapping daily and I’m trying to get back to working out regularly because it helps so much with my mental health.

What is dancing to you?

Dancing to me is medicine. So much energy can get stuck in our bodies and dancing is a beautiful way to release it. I’ve done so much healing in different areas of my life thanks to dancing. I have a pole at home and I absolutely love it! I have mirrors on the walls and love having nights where I set the mood with lighting and music and just dance. 

Who do you serve? How do you help?

First and foremost, I serve and help myself. I share what has helped me and whoever feels called to use what I share can. As I mentioned before I felt called to share Reiki through ASMR on my YouTube channel and I’ve been receiving so much wonderful feedback on how it’s been helping others.

How do you serve/ help?

I serve/help by sharing my experiences online. I had severe eczema flare ups, literally head to toe, for a few years and doctors were no help. I ended up doing my own research and healed myself naturally and I’ve always shared my experiences, knowledge and tips to help others heal themselves. I wrote a book on how to heal yourself and it’s my goal to get it out in 2024 so that I can help so many more people. I also serve/ help through creating beautiful healing jewelry. I always get such beautiful messages from friends and customers on how wearing a piece of my jewelry makes them feel so relaxed and calm.

How would you explain spirituality to someone?

For me spirituality is connecting to myself and the Universe daily. Spirituality is so different for everyone. I think it’s important to try different practices and find what resonates with you.

What does your work/business look like usually? 

When I’m making jewelry, I always make sure to create on days where I’m feeling good because I want my creations to be infused with my good energy. I usually smoke a bit of weed, put on some good music and create on my bedroom floor.

How did you get into your different practices? 

The first practice I got into was gratitude and I discovered that through the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. Other practices like meditation, yoga, crystals, Reiki, tarot & oracle decks, I discovered through friends.

Why did you get into your different practices? 

For a long time I was a negative, angry and pessimistic person. I was tired of feeling that way so when I heard about things like gratitude, meditation, yoga, oracle & tarot, etc. I decided to try them out. My life has transformed so much because of these practices!

Why do you like what you are doing so much? 

I like what I’m doing so much because it makes me feel good! I wake up every morning feeling so grateful for my life. I want everyone to feel this good!

Do you think it is possible to relate your different modalities to spirituality? 

Yes. I think most of the disciplines I do are related to spirituality 

How important is spirituality for you? 

Spirituality is very important to me. I’m a much kinder and more loving person because I take time daily to take care of myself.

How would you explain spirituality to someone? 

For me spirituality is connecting to myself and the Universe daily. Spirituality is so different for everyone. I think it’s important to try different practices and find what resonates with you.

What are the benefits of your different practices? 

There are so many! Better sleep, heightened intuition, way less stress and anxiety, better moods, feeling grateful on a regular basis, the list goes on!

Do you personally have a coach or a mentor or a guide right now?

No. I’m learning to trust myself more at this time in my life. 

What’s your favorite thing about your different practices?

My favourite thing about my different practices is seeing how much I’ve grown, evolved, learned and unlearned.

How are you present in the (Spiritual or not) community?

I’m not present in the spiritual community but it’s something that I would like more of in 2024. I think there’s something so beneficial and magical about being around others who want to live a more loving life.

What are your main goals/ dreams about your career?

My main goal for my jewelry business was to learn how to do metalsmithing because I really wanted to learn how to make rings and pendants. I took 3 metalsmithing courses throughout 2022-23 and loved it so much!!! I would love to do metalsmithing on a regular basis but I need to buy more metalsmithing tools and to also find a studio to work out of because metalsmithing can be pretty loud.

How have you grown recently? What is your recent growth or AHA moment you had?

It can relate to your business, health, relationship or anything.

What are you passionate about?

Holistic health & wellness, animals & nature, dancing, art, fitness.

What are your favorite quotes?

“Love like you’ve never been hurt” I have it tattooed on me.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself living somewhere warm in my beautiful tiny home, living on communal land with my friends. I am able to support myself with my art.

How do you see ‘Life’? How would you explain ‘Life’ to someone?

I see ‘Life’ as experiences and learning.

Any words of advice you would like to share?

You have the power to heal yourself. You are more powerful than you know.

How do we get in contact with you?

You can contact me through my IG account @moonstonesandmagicco



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