Jaime & Human Design

Looking to get to know yourself better? Curious to try something new? How about Human Design! 

Part teacher, part entrepreneur, full heart-centered being, a manifesting-generator with many passions and multiple gifts to share. And Jaime has learned to embrace this about herself! She has been a yoga teacher for 12 years and is now absolutely lit up by embracing her role as an Alignment coach. She is completely lit up by helping others discover what brings them joy in life. She is extremely grateful to live a seasonal life – one where she runs her family’s marina/restaurant in the summer months and where she gets to teach yoga on the docks. And in the winter months she teaches yoga, runs her group coaching programs and offers human design readings. She gets to share her knowledge of tools that help women get to know themselves better. 

Whether it be through a yoga class, a human design reading, or alignment coaching, Jaime wants to help you live your life with more intention and less apology — as the person you were meant to be.  

What are the different disciplines that you practice?

Yoga will always be a love of mine. While for many years my passion was teaching yoga to kids, I’ve now embraced it as a tool to help women find a deeper connection with themselves and at the same time a deeper self-acceptance.

What is human design?

Oh where do I begin! It’s a life changing tool that helps you discover how you are energetically wired. Part science, part ‘woo’, it combines many modalities that not only offer you many permission slips to be you, but also guides you to understanding strategies that will help you move through life with more ease. Human design also gives you an understanding of where you are meant to make decisions from – which is unique to each of us!

What is the guidance that you offer?

I offer guidance through human design readings, yoga classes, one-on-one coaching, or my group coaching program called the Alignment Series

How and why did you get into these different practices?

Two and a half years ago I signed up for a 6 month coaching mastermind that began with getting my human design reading. And from then I was hooked! It helped me make huge decisions that transformed my life for the better. Human design guided me to let go of what no longer lights me up and move towards what does, and this is what helped push me to jump into the world of coaching.

Who do you serve? How do you help?

Mainly women aged 20-100. The common trait amongst these women is that they are finally ready to carve out time for themselves. And what better way to use this time than to get to know themselves better! By teaching and leading from my skill set which has grown through my background in education, psychology, yoga teacher trainings. many other self development trainings and life experiences.

What does a session with you look like usually?

A yoga class generally starts with a short discussion where I share the theme for the class. Which is then followed by moving and breathing in a way that feels good to the student. 

A human design reading is done on my own through a two part recording which I then share with the client for them to listen to on their own time. 

And coaching session generally begin with some movement or connection to body and breath. And then it depends on where the client is at in their life. I like to say my coaching style is very “choose your own adventure”.

How would you explain spirituality to someone?

I believe spirituality is believing in something that is beyond you. Whether that is the Universe guiding you or a place deep inside of you, again it comes back to trust. And if we trust our instincts and our intuition I believe that we can’t go wrong. All of that is spiritual to me. 

Do you think it is possible to relate your different modalities to spirituality? 

Yes. I feel the healing modalities are a tool to help you connect more deeply to your soul/spirit, which for me is your inner leader, that part of you that guides that heart of you. 

What do you think the spiritual community needs the most right now?

Connection and acceptance. A true and meaningful connection to both ourselves and each other. And that can be followed by a true and total acceptance of ourselves and others. 

What is your favorite thing about your different practices? 

Human design has been a gift in so many ways. I think my favorite thing about it is all around the topic of energy. On a daily basis I remind myself through human design that how I use my energy really matters. The environments I put myself in, the people I surround myself with, the decisions I make – it all matters. So overall I make a huge effort on a daily basis to let my energy be my guide. 

Why do you like what you do so much? 

I believe I’m a natural born teacher. So being able to teach and guide others to take time for themselves, get to know themselves better, and then ultimately move through life unapologetically as themselves is such a gift.

Do you personally have a coach or a mentor or a guide right now?

I am such a believer in not only having a teacher or a mentor, but also in investing in myself. This is how I’ve grown the most, both personally and in my business. I’ve taken a break over the summer in terms of being coached but I just signed up for an Embodiment Coaching program with Mary Beth Larue who is a yoga teacher mentor of mine. And I am so excited to learn from her!  

How are you present in the human design community?

I share a fair amount about human design on social media. And I’m also one of the 9 leaders in the School of Human Design which is a collaborative project that offers different human design based programs every month.

How have you grown recently? What is your recent growth or AHA moment you had? It can relate to your business, health, relationship or anything.

An interesting one in terms of my financial growth is that I used to think waitressing at my family’s restaurant that I run is what brings me ‘good money’. Until I had a friend and fellow coach remind me that I’ve created a business over this past year that can also bring me ‘good money’. This has totally opened the doors to the abundance that surrounds me. Not just in financial ways, but in all ways.

What are you passionate about? 

Life! As cheesy as that sounds, what helps me live every day with intention is that reminder that we have this one life to live. So let’s friggin live it!! 

What are your favorite quotes? 

“You only get one kick at the can” – My dad (and probably a ton of other people)

What are your main goals and dreams about your career in this field? 


Honestly, I feel like I’m in a place of uncertainty right now. But in a really exciting way! I know I want to continue to create offers based on my love and knowledge of both yoga and human design. But I’m currently in the process of playing with what that will look like. Stay tuned for lots of fun this fall! 

How do you see yourself in 5 years

Living a life where I’ve created space for myself to breathe.

Feel free to share with us any upcoming events, workshops, etc.

If you head over to my website ( and join my mailing list you’ll be able to stay tuned for all of the excitement to come! And in the meantime you can check out my podcast That Does Not Belong To Me for some fun conversations around human design and the attempt to live life in alignment.  

Any words of advice you would like to share? 

One final human design related suggestion I’d love to share is for you to take inventory of your life and to ask yourself:

What energizes me?

What drains me? 

And then bit by bit release and move away from what is draining you. And then bask in that space you’ve created for yourself!

My experience with Jaime. 

Revealing. Insightful. Dumbfounding.  
This is clearly an incredible way to get to know thy self better. HD with Jaime is a memorable and profound experience. 
Our session was done via 2 zoom recordings that she emailed me along side my body graph. For more than 2 hours she explains in details everything that my body graph was showing and showing me how I can learn more about myself by thoroughly studying my human design. 

First of all, let’s talk about her voice… and that laugh of hers! OMG, would I listen to her in my radio everyday if I could! (Oh wait! Actually I can now! She has her own podcast! Make sure to check it out!) Not only is she well spoken, but she is smart and funny, and so adorable! All this made my experience learning about my human design that much more interesting and captivating.

When I was ready to listen to my HD reading, I sat down with y computer, my journal, my cup of tea, my oils and pressed play. As I listened to all this information Jaime was giving me, I was astonished by the fact that I was divided by the feeling of realizing that I knew nothing about myself at the same time the feeling of  actually knowing myself. Sounds confusing right? But that’s exactly how it felt.

Coming into realization that I actually do know myself if I just take time to learn more about her, and Jaime showed me that. Revelations after revelations, I took notes in my journal to be able to remember what my human design was saying about me,

I believe we have a bit of every design in ourselves, but one is predominant, Every type of HD has its own beautiful and unique traits. For example, sometimes I act like a manifestor or a projector, but I am a generator. 

Generators are the people who provide continual power and life-force energy to the world. These are the people with staying power. The Sacral Center in their body is the key to their pure power. It creates the vital life-force energy required for action, living life, doing and creating. Generators’ manifestation process begins when we get clear on our desires. We don’t have to do anything, we don’t have to act on the desire, we just have to get clear on it. This will automatically begin to draw this thing toward us – this is the power of our aura. Generators are lead by their intuition, which makes it all that more important to connect deeply with thy self. Be in alignment with Thy self. Listen to Thy self. Trust Thy self. Always wait to respond. We can trust that life is coming to us, and what we need to do is know ourselves well and be connected to our Sacral response. Our auras do the work for us if we let them. People, inspiration, and opportunities are naturally drawn to us. And when it feels like a HELL NAH! well a HELL NAH! it is. 

Knowing all of this now, makes me feel closer to myself and it feels easier now to understand who I am. From my session with Jaime, I take with me 5 things to remember: 1) shine 2) sacral authority 3) intuition 4) wait to respond 5) hell nah vs hell yeah!

There is so much more to unravel and learn about your HD and Jaime is clearly the person that can assist you. Jaime and I had never met previous this reading. We saw each other face to face only months after. But the way she talks to you and explains things to you, it makes you feel like she is right in front of you in a little coffee shop, sipping coffee and telling you who you have been all along. Like two friends simply chatting about life. Jaime can definitely help you fall in love with yourself all over again. 

You’re quite a cool and unique cookie. I hope you know that.  



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