Hi, I'm Em!

I am an energy healer, natural wellness teacher, and artist based in Montreal

Before I started my business, my life felt like a blur.

Until 2016 I was a school teacher and felt like my life wasn’t my own. I always felt like something was out of alignment but wasn’t sure what. I felt like I was testing who I was, I was getting to know myself, but every job I took felt wrong. I never felt like the truest expression of myself. I felt like I was surrounded by the wrong people. 

At that moment I decided I wanted to feel more, I wanted to change. However the paths I chose weren’t healthy. My life turned into a debauchery. I never felt more alive but for the wrong reasons. 

I was craving a transformation but it needed to come from a healthier place.

Deep down, I knew I had to rebuild my life from scratch and dive deep into my shadow side.

 I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils in 2019 which sparked the beginning of an entirely new chapter.

I had an awakening experience with these oils which pushed me to take my power back and create the life I wanted. 

I started my own home practice to share the healing gifts that helped me go through the darkest periods of my life. With the loving and supportive doTERRA community, I had the courage to apply for my reiki accreditation, to learn Aromatouch and EFT so that I can provide more healing modalities to my community.

This is my story

EM. The Rebirth.

Hi!  I’m Em! Have we met?  I sure hope we did! But if we didn’t yet,  Let me introduce myself! Once upon a time,  I

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Work with me


[EM]ergy | Energy Healing with EM

Receive an energy healing treatment using reiki, aromatouch therapy with essential oils, or EFT. You can book a treatment with me here. Either in my therapy space Montreal, at your home or for a distance session, virtually.

Heal, from the inside out,


Learn about beginning a natural wellness lifestyle through essential oil education. 


My mission is to be of service to others so they can find alternative ways to heal themselves on every level

My vision is to create a community, a tribe, of like minded souls. I want to create a space, a center where people will be able to find any holistic practice that can help them in their healing process. The ultimate vision is that this center will not only be offered to humans but also to animals and that we can learn to live and love and help each other and have compassion for each other in a safe space, a safe environment that we can call home.


Tutoring & Teaching

With my background as a school teacher, I continue to offer private tutoring sessions for children. 

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I have been creating reiki-charged jewlery and paintings since 2018. Check out my Artwork page and my creations on Instagram.

Leaf Creations
Noomz Paints



I am an actress for film, television and theatre in the Montreal area. 

View my acting portfolio here.

BeachBody Coaching

Fitness and BeachBody have had an important place in my heart since 2013. Taking care of our physical body is as crucial as taking care of our energy, mind, heart, emotions and soul. If you are looking for new ways to move your body, eating healthy nutritious shakes and meals, and being supported and held accountable throughout your fitness journey, hit me up!

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Vegan Lifestyle

My mission is to dedicate my whole being and entire life to be of service, help others and try my best to make this world a better place for every single living, breathing, feeling, creature on this beautiful planet we call home. This includes animals and our environment. I am very passionate about leading a sustainable vegan lifestyle, and I'm here to inspire you and support you, should you wish to transition to plant-based choices. 

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