What it means to me to be a Reiki Master.

I officially got my Reiki Master certification!

My Reiki journey was never an expected one. It kind of just happened. I decided to get my level 1 certification for fun. See where it would lead me. When I did level 1, I never thought about doing level 2. Last summer for some reason, I went for my level 2 certification. As I was doing it, I never thought about if I was going to do level 3 or not. Probably out of self-doubt.

And then yesterday, four years after starting my level 1, here I am. A certified Reiki Master.

As I was walking around Jeanne Mance Park last night, to go attend the commemorative drumming in honor of the 215 (and more) murdered little souls, I started wondering what were my intentions with my Reiki practice and new certification.

I sat there in the middle of this ceremonial circle and paid attention.
I started to reflect. What did we do? Why did we do this? How can I help? What do I need to learn right now? What are my intentions with my Reiki practice right now?

It became clearer.

✨I want to learn every single day how to be of service and how to help repair what has been broken, how to help heal what has been hurt, how to hold space for those who suffered from injustice, oppression, so they can feel seen, heard, respected and loved, how to stand with them so they never feel alone in their pain and trauma again.

Reiki is love, compassion and light. But it is not only that. It is so much more. It is awareness, realizations, accountability, responsibility, actions, and acceptance.

As a reiki practitioner, the title that goes with it “master” or “teacher”, does not matter much to me. At the end of the day, we are just simply, always and forever, learners. We learn everyday how to be Reiki, how to embody love, compassion and non-judgment.

I want to embody all of what Reiki is.