It all started just because of a 15ml bottle of essential oil.

It all started just because of a 15ml bottle of essential oil.

I call my oils “my little miracle workers.” They changed my entire life.

I never thought that partnering up with @doterraca would one day bring me where I am right now. Because of that one little bottle of @doterra Balance Blend, I opened up to the infinite possibilities of having my own holistic business, of being my own bad ass boss babe, of doing what I love and staying true to myself, of creating this dream life filled with freedom and independence.

Because of the oils and doTERRA, I opened [EM]ergy; my at-home holistic practice. In the middle of that shitshow of 2020, I went all in and got my Reiki practitioner certification so I could be of service to others.

Then I got my essential oil specialist certification and added Aromatouch Massage Therapy to my practice so I could introduce the countless benefits of the oils to my clients.

And then I got my EFT TAPPING certification so I could offer my clients alternative ways to help them on their self-healing journey.

So much more than just starting a business with doTERRA and doubling, tripling, or infinitely multiplying my income, the oils offered me endless opportunities to help me heal on so many levels.

My personal growth is now intertwined with my business growth and vice versa. Every single day a new issue, struggle or hustle arises and the oils, help me power through.

And it all started just because of a 15ml bottle of essential oil.

Let the oils enter your life, notice the shifts happening, see the little miracles multiplying, and feel your expansion and growth be supported.

➡️ How would adding essential oils to your day change your entire life? How would partnering up with such an amazing company as doTERRA help you? Financially? Spiritually? Emotionally? Mentally? Physically?

➡️ Just imagine for a minute how much value would those little miracle workers add to your life?