Jen & Generational Healing

As you heal yourself from generational trauma, you heal your entire lineage. 


World travels, motherhood and her own healing journey have been major influences in Jen Wende’s 10+ years experience in the field of health and wellness. Starting out with expertise in Reiki, yoga therapy and essential oils, she was guided to step deeper into her spiritual gifts as a Generational Healer® and soul guide. 

Known for her gentle, playful nature, Jen makes releasing generational patterns and conditionings more easeful through ancestral healing to allow people to grow and feel a deeper connection with themselves. 

What are the different disciplines that you practice?

My main focus is Generational Healing®  which out of respect for my lineage  I share as Ancestral Healing because although it is my main focus, when working with someone I may draw upon a combination of disciplines I’ve learned and practiced over the years.  Aspects that work on the spirit and energy are compiled from Generational Healing®, Reiki, akashic records, past life, soul retrieval, entity and timeline healing.   Integrations for the body and mind come from my expertise in yoga therapy, pilates, thai massage and meditation.  Spanning mind, body and spirit I tie in essential oils and put it all together with coaching and guidance support.  As I become more and more empowered in my gifts and grounded in who I am I have created a unique blend that makes up my practice. 

What is generational/ancestral healing?

Generational Healing® is a form of energy healing that helps you understand and relieve physical, mental or emotional pain by connecting with your ancestors and healing your ancient bloodline. Sessions can be done in person or online.

What is the guidance that you offer?

We all have a unique soul journey that wants to be expressed and connected with.  As humans, life happens and sometimes you just can’t hear it, or trust it because of internal and external noise. Depending on what you need to hear to help you ground into yourself and the direction you are heading my guides and your guides can hang out and chat to bring that clarity forward for you.  It’s just like having a conversation and is infused whenever I am sharing with clients. 

How and why did you get into these different practices?

I had friends recommend certain things to me to try, or I’d learn about something during a training and want to explore it more which led to me another thing and so on. Various mentors also opened up my eyes to other practices.  I traveled a lot as well so during those travels I was exposed to all sorts of different modalities. I started yoga after a major breakup in my life and noticed how much it helped my emotional wellbeing. I took a reiki training because I had a lot of anger and didn’t understand why, the training was cheaper than a session at the time lol. Moving deeper into yoga therapy, energy healing and general cleaner lifestyle choices started because I got really ill during my travels and the doctors had no idea what was going on. Generational Healing® I was more reluctant to dive into, but there was something inside my soul that I told me I just had to follow. The main part was the mentors that showed up for me at the most perfect times in my life. The right teachers with high level skills grounded in what they do have inspired me to learn, train, and do my own personal work. 

Who do you serve? How do you help?

I focus on womxn. Mainly those who are drawn to making an impact on this world, such as, mothers or other light workers and entrepreneurs though it is enough to simply want to make a difference in how you are showing up in your own life. I help release generational patterns and conditionings through ancestral healing sessions and/or essential oils. I support grounding into the healing received so it can be expressed by helping integrate rituals, physical practices,  habits and connection to your inner guidance. What I describe as supporting your  inner maven to come into power.

What does a session with you look like usually?

A session with me starts off with a chat about what brought you to the session and any other relevant information that supports our time together. I will invite one of the ancestors to come forth and heal. As I am guided, the subtle energies communicate and share with me what your ancestor experienced and what they have come forward to heal. You will understand how what you have been experiencing in your life has been impacted by your ancestor’s unhealed trauma, that is now released. I share the whole time while you are comfortably receiveing either in your home if the session is online, or on a massage table, if the session is in person. Afterwards we discuss any questions and insights that arised for you. If there’s something specific I feel would complement your healing I share my reccomendations. The ancestors have done the healing work however so your part is to allow that flow of feeling lighter and more at peace to enter!

How important is spirituality for you? 

It is very important to me. The most important it has ever been in my life because it’s where I feel the most connected and engaged in this world and those living in it. An example is a mother I am in charge of my daughter’s health and wellbeing. At the heart of that is being a guide for her soul to navigate being human so she can experience all the beauty of life has to offer. 

How would you explain spirituality to someone?

I like the Oxford dictionary approach spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

Do you think it is possible to relate your different modalities to spirituality? 

Yes. I feel the healing modalities are a tool to help you connect more deeply to your soul/spirit, which for me is your inner leader, that part of you that guides that heart of you. 

What are the benefits of your different practices?

Generally, you may feel lighter and more at peace allowing you to focus more on what’s important to you. You can gain clarity on, and have less resistance to, your limiting patterns and conditionings so you feel more ease, flow and energy to express yourself.  You might have a greater sense of safety in your body, mind and spirit. Of course there’s also a deepening in your connection to your ancestors.  

What is your favorite thing about your different practices? 

How they are all connected and can be used to meet whomever I’m working with where they are at. 

Why do you like what you do so much? 

Doing this work brought me to a place of connection that feels complete. I know myself and the universe when I’m doing this work in ways that don’t make sense in my rational mind. I love what I do because it feels like I was always meant to do this, as if I have been doing this for lifetimes. I never know what is going to come up during a session so I am excited to witness and see what arises. I am awed by the wisdom and the connections that take place. Most of all getting to facilitate the subtle yet profound healings is so rewarding. I have seen so much growth and light happen. I am constantly humbled I get to be a part of  this work. 

Do you personally have a coach or a mentor or a guide right now?

Yes. I currently have a business coach to help me get my business running smoothly and clearly. I also have a spiritual mentor whom I connect regularly and have learned different healing modalities with though now it’s mainly as support for one another. I am also now surrounded by friends and colleagues who really inspire me. I feel like I have coaches and mentors everywhere! For example my family are supportive, in my doterra essential oils business we have access to all sorts of inspiring coaches and help and I have the most delightful group of women whom have been invaluable to my personal and professional growth.  

How are you present in the spiritual/healing community?

I am embracing the community and celebrating with them. I have noticed more and more people starting to connect with their spiritual side, whether that’s to lead as a healer or to create a deeper and more authentic connection with themselves. I feel called to stand grounded in my own spiritual truth and be a lighthouse to support others to open up to their own glow.  

How have you grown recently? What is your recent growth or AHA moment you had? It can relate to your business, health, relationship or anything.

Oh my goodness I feel like I am constantly growing! My most recent AHA moment was about time. I have time. It hit me in a way I never felt before. That may not feel so huge, but if you stop for a moment and give yourself permission to really sink into trusting in your timing, it’s pretty profound!

What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about my work. Healing, teaching, connecting with incredible women and the ancestors, it’s all incredibly fulfilling. I am also passionate about my family and being a mother to my daughter. If I’m honest, I’m also passionate about myself and continuing to empower my own life journey. 

What are your favorite quotes? 

There are so many! Any from Maya Angelou, lol. One of hers that comes to mind right now is the one below because much of my work is to witness and hold space for those during the phases that don’t always feel so beautiful. 

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. 

What are your main goals and dreams about your career in this field?


Trust yourself. Honour your process. Sometimes it feels like your changes are taking forever. We constantly push to make it happen right now. I invite you to recognise all the subtle changes that are adding up to big things over the long term. You have time. Be gentle and easeful with yourself. You got this and you are not alone. If you take a moment to pause and connect you can feel the support all around you.

My experience with Jen 

Profoundly healing and deeply magical.
Since starting my doTERRA business, amazing things have happened. Events and circumstances have aligned for me to be where I am right now, and I can say without a doubt that the arrival of Jen Wende in my life was a huge blessing. 
I met Jen through a mutual friend and I instantly got curious about her, her work, her personality and her energy. I was definitely intrigued by her mission as a generational healer. I’ll also admit that if it wasn’t for this rollercoaster of a year that was 2020, I wouldn’t know much about generational trauma. With everything happening, I started wondering what were the ancestral pains, scars and traumas we carry from generations to generations. I started wondering what were the traumas that I carry myself, and that are holding me back and still hurting me. 

I wanted to start healing at a deeper level. Not just for me. But for others around me, for my ancestors and past generations, for my future children and their children. I wanted to let go of pains that were not even mine to begin with, so I could keep on expanding and evolving. I wanted to cut the cords that were holding me to past traumas, and preventing me from moving forward.

The trauma stops here. With me. And it stops now. 

My first session with Jen was a group session, on the eve of my 35th birthday. I was always curious about my ancestors. I was born and raised in Montreal, but both of my parents are immigrants from two different cultures. I feel like I don’t know much about my own ancestral history and being the first generation of immigrant children, I always felt like I was not from here nor from there. 

To this day, I’ll forever carry in my heart the things that she shared about my ancestor that night. As she spoke, I tried to write down as fast as I could, so not to forget a single detail of this incredible moment. Nymphs, animals, amazon, feast, festivities and celebrations, emerald cloak, fireflies, ocean, rebirth, forest queen, and bonfires were mentioned through this magical session with my ancestor.

There was this very specific moment when it felt like I was my ancestor, and she was me. As if our lives and journeys had meshed together. I could feel what she felt. I could want what she wanted. I could be who she was. I could see her stepping into her power as I was stepping into mine. 

After this first session, I was hooked. 

So I signed up for a “healing journey” which consisted of about 4 or 5 sessions with Jen. At first I thought that it was just an amazing weekly hour session spent with Jen and her beautiful energy, as I wasn’t seeing the instant miracle I was hoping for – whatever that miracle was at the time. But then I realized that the ripple effects of those sessions with Jen were happening later on.   
During and after the session, I felt completely at peace. I felt as if something in the past had been released, had been cleared, had been healed. But if you are like me, impatient and always rushing the process instead of letting things follow their course, you might feel as if nothing really changed. 
This couldn’t be further from the truth.
Weeks and months later, I started noticing some shifts. Little changes here and there, not only in me, but also around me. I believe through the generation healing sessions I had with Jen, I can see hope of a better and healthier relationship with my parents. I can see hope of a happier future for my children. I can see hope of a healed and forgiven past for a freed and stronger present. 

“For those choosing to break generational cycles, your parents couldn’t do it. Their parents couldn’t do it. But for some reason you noticed the patterns, and decided it ends with you. You’re the prototype. So much power that you have.” 

“Em, you are the healed version of your parents.” – Jen

Heal one, heal all. 



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