“Must-have” oils to carry around 24/7!

doTERRA is offering one of the best plant medicine out there, and there is no way that I would be traveling without my precious little magical miracle workers at all times! Here are some of the oils I love to carry around with me 24/7 in my purse, in my backpack or in my carry-on!

Easy Air / Breathe 

My go-to for any respiratory issues, anxiety triggers and grief stages. 

The breath. A beautiful supporter of our relationship with Spirit and helps deepening our connection to life. This oil addresses the inability to let go of grief and pain. When struggling to breathe and literally feeling like you’re suffocating, Easy Air helps clear out the air ways. 

Loved, supported, receiving, open, healing, embracing life and trusting.

OnGuard (oil & hand sanitizer)

Simply magical! Major immune system helper and life saver!

The oil of protection. OnGuard strengthens our immune system, shielding us from harmful threats. Incredibly helpful for strengthening the inner self and for defending against from both physical and negative energies. Greatly assists us in learning how to stand up for ourselves and live in integrity with our True Self. 

Healthy boundaries, protected, capable, integrity, independent, reinforced, strengthened.


Insteaf of chewing gum, one drop under my tongue will do the trick! 

The confident speech. Inspires clarity of thought and confident verbal expression. Encourages to take a public stand on behalf of our values and opinions. Assists us in becoming emotionally clear about what we want to say and then finding the courage to actually say it.

Confident, articulate communication, clarity and courage

Past Tense 

The ultimate miracle worker for headaches and migraines!

The oil of relief. Assists in releasing the stress and emotional tension that may have contributed to or caused head tension. Teaches the body how to calm and relax. Can calm severe stress, soothe trauma, and bring balance to the body and energy system. 

Equilibrium, calm, relaxed, relieved, grateful.


My new natural perfume, instead of using fake, toxic chemicals on my body!

The oil of self-respect. Formulated to uplift the mood and encourage self-confidence and self-respect. Unfolds the heart space, reopening it to love and self-acceptance. Leads you to recognize the beauty of the gifts within you and to embrace your worth with grace and gratitude. Helps you acknowledge all that is good within and to radiate your divine light to a world in need,   

Self-confident, self-love, self-respect, graceful, grateful, beautiful, lovable, wothy


As potent as CBD oil, my go-to when I need to let go of the day, chill the F* out and reconnect with myself.

Unveiling. Reassures that mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual limitations are only temporary. Invites you to remember that forgiveness of the self is also necessary. Invites you to connect with your past. Offers a deep intertwining energy that links experience to experience to unveil the deeper meaning and messages showing up in your life. 

Worthy, self-aware, purposeful existence, clarity, forgiven, redefinition of self.


A quick snif and a few drops under the feet, to help me recenter myself and focus on the present moment again. 

Grounding. Excellent for calming overactive energies. Wonderful remedy for reconnecting with our roots. Strengthens a connection with the lower body and with the earth. This blend reminds us that to realize our true dreams and desires, we must stay focused on a goal until it is actualized in the physical world. 

Grounded, stable, connected, committed, self-contained, inner strength, percevering. 

All informations about my must-have oils were gathered from the book “Essential Emotions. Your guide to process, release, and live free” 8th edition, 2019.


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