Why I started the “Saying my I AM’s with Em!” series

“Be careful of the words you say, it may be something too hurtful to leave someone’s mind… including yours.”

On a daily basis, I keep telling myself how I am not enough; not pretty enough, not sweet enough, not fit enough, not sexy enough, not nice enough, not smart enough, or that I won’t and can’t be loved for who I truly am. All lies, I know. But these stories are like mini dictators taking ownership of my heart. 

I’ve been looking for great affirmations to help me break the repetitive negative stories I let run free in my mind. 

Although very inspiring, I couldn’t find anything I really loved on the web. None of the affirmations or formats out there were speaking to me, so I decided to create my own! And since I know I’m far from being alone in this limiting belief and false story tyranny, I felt like sharing my affirmations with others who needed them. We are stronger together. 

Writing, recording and sharing these affirmations are now ever part of my healing process. When I write and record them; you are with me. And when you are listening and repeating these affirmations; I’m with you. We are stronger together.

Now, when I catch myself spiraling down with these pessimistic inner monologues, I snap out of them by transforming them into heartfelt affirmations. 

SAYING MY I AM’S WITH EM is a series of affirmation recordings which aims to help us be more aware of the words we use on a daily basis and to help us include more positive affirmations in our daily life. Affirmations encourage compassion, love, respect and confidence in ourselves and promote positive vibes throughout the day. 

Ep. 1
"Dream, dream again, and then dream some more"

Ep. 2

coming soon

Ep. 3

coming soon

Ep. 4

coming soon

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