Energy Healing with EM

My vision for you is to help you find healthier and happier alternatives to your lifestyle so we can grow and expand together. I offer energy healing in Montreal, and virtually.

I believe that we are all energy and that we're here for each other

I believe we are beings of love, light and compassion and this is how we can help each other: by sharing our light with others.

I practice energy healing because it is a connection with a divine unconditional love and blessing and healing and it helps connect not only with your inner being but also with your surroundings, with the people next to you and with universal source energy.

My techniques for energy healing are reiki, EFT and aromatouch therapy. These can be combined or used individually in a session with me. If you are looking for energy healing in Montreal or virtually, please get in touch

I believe that Reiki is love, compassion and light. But it is not only that. It is so much more. It is also awareness, realizations, accountability, responsibility, actions, and acceptance.

Energy healing in Montreal

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