In-vested > vested meaning “fully and unconditionally guaranteed”

I was so tired of saying I want to be my own boss, I want to have my own schedule, but not actually taking risks to do so. I was so tired of having the desire to be financially abundant and free, and the desire to provide for my family, but yet, not acting on it.

Enough was enough.

Started my businesses in the middle of this two year shit show. Spent money right, left and center for my businesses. Worked countless hours. Followed masterclasses upon masterclasses. Tapped into things I’ve had never done before. All of this, scared me shitless but this is what being an entrepreneur means!

Entrepreneur > taking greater than normal {financial} risks.

Braving the uncertainty storm. Fully stepping into this version I’ve always wanted for myself and officially becoming a business woman, a soulpreneur (soul and heart led businesses bad ass boss babe) AND OWNING IT!

Because I want to build my legacy NOW, because I want to create that vision I have for my life, because I have big dreams, because I do not want to waste this life I was gifted, I’m investing in myself!

I’m this person building this [EM]PIRE for life. I’m the person fully backing this investment for life. I’m a work in progress over a lifetime, and I secure my work by investing in my life.

My life is my long term investment, my guaranteed outcome. And by being this invested in myself, by being this commited to my visions, goals and dreams, by stepping into my personal power, I’ll attract and manifest other investors just like myself, who are in for the long run, no matter what.

Brave no matter what.
Strong no matter what.
All in no matter what.
Show up no matter what.
Have faith, believe and trust no matter what.
Invest no matter what.

No more excuses.
No more escape routes.

Investing in myself is not a gamble, it is fully and unconditionally guaranteed. I’m my greatest return on investment that’s worthy of my life. Investments open the doors to potentialities, possibilities and opportunities.

You are not a gamble. You are an investment. And you are your own long term investor.

Brave the storm.