How do you live your life?

“You’re too sensitive, just build yourself a shell.”
“You’re too nice with people, just stop being naive and innocent, and getting easily attached like this.”
“You’re too emotional, just grow a pair.” (Whatever that means)

Things like these, I’ve heard my entire life. From when I was two years old (and they brought a piglet with an apple shoved in his mouth on the banquet table) to right about two days ago.

The quality of my life is based on the quality of my emotions. If I am always moody, angry, enraged, feeling guilt and shame, blaming others for how I feel, then these emotions will reflect on my life. If I spend all my time fighting how I feel, feeling bad about how I feel, hiding how I feel then it becomes the way I live my life.

So hell no.

I started looking into hyper sensitivity. Especially HSP, and it’s fascinating!

Highly Sensitive Person.

I’ve decided to see my hyper sensitivity as a superpower. I’ve decided to accept my emotions and feelings, and to live authentically as my true self. I’ve decided to feel my emotions, to love them and to live them, and to be my unapologetically sensitive self. I’ve decided to bloom and flourish as the empath that I am, and to learn as I go.

I’ve decided to live my life where I own my emotions and my hyper sensitivity. I’ve decided to be a “soft soul in a harsh world.” I am entitled to my emotions. I’m allowed to feel the way I feel. Now, I take the time to reflect, I wait to respond, I practice letting go of what no longer serves me, I allow acceptance and forgiveness to come in, I allow myself to feel all my emotions very deeply.

And that’s okay.

My energy is my responsibility.
My boundaries are my responsibilities.
My life is my responsibility.

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going