Your thoughts. Your energy.

Talk to me.

Where your thoughts at right this second?
What’s living rent-free in your head right now?
What’s been on your mind most of the time today?

That’s where your energy’s going.

Our thoughts become our emotions. Our emotions become our energy. And our energy becomes our words and actions.

I ain’t gonna lie, a few things are constantly having a party in my head. And of course, one thought comes in and its little friends just tag along, so next thing you know I’m on the choo choo train of thoughts heading straight to DerailedVille…

All of these thoughts steal all my energy away and just translate into anxiety, self-doubt, anger, self-doubt, and the list goes on. Being stuck in my head, makes me disconnect withy body and totally monopolizes my energy. Then my words and actions all result from that energy field, which can restrict and interfere with my creativity and my flow.

Who else is feeling me?

And when that happens I know it’s time for me to move my body and shake my ASStitude!

Now tell me. Where’s your energy at today? 

It’s Saturday… Let that shit go!